Catching up with my life again after Semi-launch of my new company.

I went and climbed Mt. Evans with my good friend Elias.



I was super busy doing finals as well as just trying to figure life out.  The GF and I had split up and I was moving that year for the first time in about three years.  I did a couple of photo shoots, but nothing to exciting.

Not to much happened.  I have some posts on tumblr about snow and what not, but mostly just gifs. (which I will not be posting here)



I hiked Mt. Bierstadt with my friends Mikaela and Brooke. Moo ended up getting a torn pad on three feet and had to be all bandaged up for a couple of days.  Definitely  bring booties as the top of the hike is to hard for dogs without shoes or some serious trail training. (moo goes on 20-40 min hikes almost every day and this still happened)

Did a photo shoot (for fun) with Mikaela as well as had some wonderful “linner” with my friend Ryan.